Please be aware, all teams are required to carry out BBQ duty throughout the season. Along with this comes the role of grounds marshal during your allocated BBQ time. A roster will be arranged by the clubs committee and distributed as soon as possible. 
Teams playing on Saturday will be nominated for Sunday BBQ duty / Marshal duty, teams playing on Sunday will be nominated for Saturday BBQ duty / Marshal duty.

Please note: ALL teams are required to carry out their allocated time of duty!!  2 for BBQ / 1 as Grounds Marshal - you will be required to wear the Ground Marshal's vest whilst on duty and walk around the fields. 


Committee members this season should only be doing the BBQ in the event of an emergency; each team will be required to do BBQ. Duty for the entire day and will commence at approx. 7.30 am until last scheduled game of the day. This involves setting up and putting away the BBQ, tables, etc. Teams will receive an email with their dates for their BBQ Duty. If dates conflict due to rescheduling of games, teams will need to contact Lynn Russell via Email to arrange an alternate date otherwise dates will not be allowed to change. Any team who fails to do BBQ duty will forfeit their next week’s game and also incur the forfeit fine.



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