Referee/ Linesman Fees


To view the full list of referees fees please see the Football NSW website.


All teams are required to pay half the cost for any referee and linesman they have officiating at their game. Last year was a logistical nightmare for our Treasurer chasing up outstanding referee fees and acquitting them against the accounts we received from the NDSFA. Whilst the vast majority of teams/managers were excellent, we did end up with significant monies outstanding. Rather than incorporate referee fees into membership fees (which may be decidedly unfair to some teams), it has been decided by the Committee that a different system will be utilised for referee payments this season which is fair and ensures teams only pay when they have officials.


Prior to the first game commencing teams will be required to open a "match officials account" at the canteen. Each team will be debited from this account each time they have officials. This account must be kept in credit (sufficient to pay for match officials for the next game) by the team concerned. As a courtesy, when the account approaches a low balance, the team manager/coach will be advised that it requires topping up. However it remains the responsibility of the coach/manager to ensure sufficient money is in the account at all times.


Any monies within the accounts at the end of the season will be returned to the Team Manager/Coach.




Team Sheets and Fines


Please make sure that the team sheet is filled out correctly before handing it into the canteen (home games) or handing it back to the opposition (away games). Quite a few of our teams are incurring fines for not completing the sheets properly. Remember if you make the mistake then it is YOUR TEAM and not the Club that pays the fine.


Team Marshal


Every team must provide one marshal to patrol their sideline during a game. The marshal is classified as a "Game Official" and is responsible for assisting in maintaining appropriate behaviour along their own sideline. It should be noted that marshals are not police but may report matters of misconduct involving players/team officials and even supporters to the referee or our governing body (the NDSFA) and may be required to attend disciplinary hearings arising from any incident during a game. THE MARSHAL MUST WEAR A MARSHAL VEST!! 


Team Kitty's


Many teams collect a small amount of money from each player/parent each weekend to put towards an end of season treat, gift or even a trip away. Participation in this practice is completely at the discretion of the player/parents and the club accepts no responsibility for the administration of the moneys collected for this purpose.

Football Nets

If your team has the first 9am home game on Saturday or Sunday, it is your team's responsibility to put up the nets and corner posts. Similarly if you have the last game for the day on a particular field (the game schedule is in the canteen so check it!), then it is your responsibility to take the nets down and collect the corner posts.


Compulsory BBQ Duty


Every team (junior and senior) will be required to do one BBQ duty for the season. A roster will be provided to your coach/manager before the season commences. Sunday teams will be required to do BBQ duty on one Saturday and Saturday teams will be required to do BBQ duty on one Sunday. If it is your team's turn to do BBQ duty, please make sure you have at least 3 people there throughout the day and are ready to start at 7.30am. Teams will be required to do BBQ duty for the entire day and must set up the BBQ, tables chairs etc and put them away at the end of the days games. Teams that fail to do their rostered BBQ duty may be fined by the club and/or may be ineligible to attend presentation.



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