1. No soluble pens

  2. Black or blue pen only (no pencil either)

  3. If you don't have your coach or manager card or if you cannot attend a game, write ACTING where it asks for either the coach or manager's I.D.

  4. Don't forget to sign at the bottom verifying the score at the end of the game.

  5. If you are playing at home, you quickly fill in your side of the team sheet and then give it to the other team's manager to fill in. The referee usually holds it until the end of the game.

  6. If you are playing at home, you must place the team sheet in the box provided just as you go in the back door of the canteen.

  7. If you are playing away, then you still fill in your side after their team has filled it out (you may have to go and find their manager.) You sign it at the end of the game to verify the score, but their manager takes it.

  8. ALL ID cards must be checked by looking at the players of each team with the other manager.


  10. You must INITIAL next to the players name (if you just tick it, you will incur a fine)

  11. If a player receives a red card, that card needs to be handed to the canteen and ask for it to be place in the secretary's pigeon hole. That player WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY THE NEXT GAME. The secretary will notify you if the player has to stand down for more than a week. On the team sheet next to the red carded player the following week, you must write "SD" instead of a shirt number.

  12. YOU MUST have a MARSHALL at all games who must sign the team sheet. They have to be over 18 years and MUST wear the vest.

  13. Coaches must stay in the technical areas (either side of the half way line) except for under 5s to under 7s.

  14. You must have your players ID cards at every game (except under 5s to U7s). These are to stay with the manager at all times.

  15. All jerseys must be washed together after a game either by way of rostering a parent/player to take them home each week to wash. NO SHIRTS ARE TO BE TAKEN HOME INDIVIDUALLY OR YOU WILL BE FINED. THIS INCLUDES FEMALE TEAMS. The shirts should be returned to the manager at the next training session so he/she has them for the next game. ANY LOST shirts will have to be paid for by the team/player.

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